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Anew Skin Care...

Avon's Anew makes skin care easy. 
  4 easy steps to Beautiful Skin no matter your age.

1.  Cleanse, 2. Treat, 3. Moisturize, 4. Protect/Repair Eye Area

Anew Skin Care has a formulation to address your skin care concerns -  whether it is first signs of aging or advance signs of aging, discolouration, enlarged pores, or loss of elasticity, Anew has a skin regimen for you.

Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment

It’s finally here – a remarkable wrinkle defying formula with our exclusive A-F33 is now available in an Eye treatment! Patented A-F33 is taking the anti-aging world by storm. Why? Because it helps the skin to stimulate collagen. And that’s important when you are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles.

The A-F 33 molecule is inspired by Nobel prize-winning research. Avon first made headlines when Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment was introduced in Campaign 20. Now, the buzz is all about A-F33 for the eye area. Pro Line Eraser Eye Treatment is being introduced in Campaign 4.

This is big news for your skin care business. Here’s why:

• The skin around the eyes is 40x thinner than anywhere else on your face or body. That’s why we see the first signs of aging around the eye area. Anyone concerned about crow’s feet, dark circles or undereye bags is a potential Customer!

• Customers who purchased Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment will want this product. It’s just an extension of a product line they already know and love.

• You see results quickly! In just 3 days, see deep wrinkles around the eye area reduced*

• 94% of women who tried it were impressed! They showed improvement in the look of fine wrinkling in the crow’s feet area over time**

• This product is used morning and night, on upper eyelid, under eye area and along crow’s feet. After using it twice daily and seeing results, you will be back for more!

* Based on a consumer perception study.
** Based on a dermatologist assessment in a 12-week clinical study.

Anew Skin Care...

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond, Avon has a skin care regimen for you.

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