Fragrance rises, so work from toe to top, instead of top to toe. Spray a little on ankles, the back of knees or wrists, then the nape of your neck or behind your ears. For a subtle all over fragrance, try spritzing a little of your favourite Avon scent in front of you and then walking through the mist.

How long does fragrance normally last?
If you want to smell great all day long, your fragrance should be applied about every three to four hours. The best way to make your fragrance linger all day is to layer scents, using shower gels and body lotions from the same fragrance range.

Does dry skin require a more generous application of fragrance?
Yes, because dry skin does not hold fragrance as long as oily skin. It should be reapplied more often throughout the day.

Can perfumes be kept indefinitely?
Once you've opened your fragrance, use and enjoy! Otherwise, over time it will begin to fade or change its character. To get the most out of your fragrance store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Can the same fragrance smell different at different times?
Yes. Sometimes you may think a fragrance has changed formulation, when in fact it's a change in your diet or lifestyle that's affected your perception of the scent. Pregnancy and menopause can also affect how a fragrance smells on you.

Why should I test no more than three fragrances at a time?
The sense of smell quickly develops odour fatigue if it's exposed to too many sensations in a short period of time.

Is it true that different fragrances suit people with different hair colour?
Yes, this is true. Blondes with fair skin will be happiest with long lasting multi-florals. Brunettes should wear dramatic oriental scents, and redheads are usually most suited to fragrances with green notes.


How to test a fragrance:
  1. Start by making sure you aren't wearing any fragrance that day. It's best to start with a clean slate.
  2. Spritz the inside of your wrist once.
  3. Immediately drop your hand by your side.
  4. Wait 20 seconds for the scent to settle.
  5. Bring your wrist up and gently wave it under your nose. Inhale. This will give you a good indication of the top notes.
  6. Wait 30 minutes before you smell the scent again. You want to see how the scent interacts with your particular body chemistry. If after 30 minutes you still love the fragrance, buy it. It's the right one for you.

  • Limit the number of scents you test per day to three. Your nose is sharpest with that number. 
  • Spritz the inside of your wrist for best results.
  • Give a new scent 30 minutes to dry down and interact with your skin. It may surprise you.
  • Feel free to smell coffee beans to clear your palette. 

14 Ways To Use Perfume

You already know about dabbing some on your pulse
points but there are many other, inexpensive, ways
to ensure a delightfully perfumed scent.

1. Spray cologne on damp towel-dried hair before combing.

2. Dab a few drops of perfume on light bulbs; heat will diffuse fragrance when light is on.

3. Saturate cotton balls with scent and let dry, tuck in pillowcases.
4. Spray cologne on underside of wooden book shelves; wood holds scent.

5. Store scented soap, unwrapped, in lingerie

6. Spray panty hose from waist to knees

7. Dab cologne on a sheet of plain-bond paper; let dry; keep it in your attaché case under business paper.

8. Pick up corners of rug and carpets; spray underside with cologne.

9. Saturate lace hankie, tuck in corner of your purse.

10. Put all your empty perfume bottles and stoppers in bureau drawers; throw out only when all traces of fragrance are gone.

11. Dab perfume on radiator vents.

12. Put perfume on petal of artificial flowers.

13. Spray fabric-covered hangars in clothes closet.

14. Spritz perfume on your bra before putting it on in the morning.

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