Friday, September 2, 2011

Avon's Holiday Gift Guide has arrived

Orders are due prior to 7:00 pm

Tuesday September 13, 2011


Get a head start on your holiday shopping...and reward yourself in the process!
Receive stunning earrings FREE with every $40 purchase from Avon's Gift Guide
Free earrings with every $40 purchase from Avon's Gift Guide

Shop Early - Avon Christmas Store is now open!

Whether you are looking for fragrance, jewellery, fashions, NHL products, stocking stuffers, makeup or decorations...

Avon has something for everyone on your list.

So, leave the crowds behind...and
Shop from the comfort of your own home.

My campaign picks - best value...
Free Step into Sexy perfume sample with $5 brochure purchase.

Step into Sexy Fragrance Sample - Free wtih any $5 brochure purchase

Kids love bath they can play and get clean all at the same time!

Kids Bathtime Body Paint
Available in 6 great scents.

At this price why not get them all?!

   Kids Body Paint - only $0.99 each

  Now half price - mix 'n match any 2 for $10

Looking to earn some extra $$$

Why not become an Avon Reprensentative?

You love the products anyway.
Now you can sell to family and friends and get your products for free!

It only cost $10 to join and become your own boss!

Get everything you need to start immediately.

Contact me and I will get you signed up and on your way to earning $$$

Orders can be placed from the following brochures

C-22 brochures
C-21 brochures
C-20 brochures

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