Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Every penny counts

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Tuesday July 5, 2011

Think a few pennies can't make a difference?

Think again.

Give your pennies a purpose.

This summer, the AVON Foundation for Women, in partnership with Scotiabank, will be asking Canadians to roll their pennies to benefit

The goal is to collect 125 million pennies, that's
$1,250,000 in honour of Avon's 125th Anniversary.

Click here for more details: http://www.avoneverypennycounts.ca/


Keep making a difference:

Shop for the Cause

Every time you purchase a beauty product from Avon's Campaign 17, 18 or 19, 2011 Brochures, Avon will donate a penny to the cause. You'll be doing good while you shop!


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Saturday, June 11, 2011

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Tuesday June 21, 2011


Mad For Minerals
The beauty world is buzzing about mineral makeup. Makeup artists are working with it, dermatologists are recommending it, models are wearing it and most cosmetic companies are producing it. The hype is actually warranted. From being easy to apply to being free of bothersome ingredients, mineral makeup comes with many advantages. Here’s why you should get hooked on minerals and how to wear them for a pretty summer glow.

Beautiful benefits
Mineral makeup is kind to your skin. Generally, it’s free of harsh, synthetic ingredients, such as parabens and perfumes that can cause irritation. The gentle, pure formulations make mineral makeup ideal for everyone to wear, including those with skin conditions, such as sensitivity, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Since they don’t clog your pores and they let your skin breathe, minerals are also fantastic for acne-prone skin types.

Meanwhile, this from-the-earth makeup can do wonders for fine lines. The minerals actually go into the lines and reflect the sunlight to reduce their appearance. It even helps protect your skin against sun damage, because it contains titanium dioxide, which is a natural sunblock. While mineral makeup offers an SPFof about 15, it shouldn’t replace your normal sunscreen in the summer.

While mineral makeup is perfect for all seasons, you’ll especially love it in the summer – and not only because of the SPF benefit. It’s so lightweight that you don’t feel the makeup on your skin. It provides great coverage and a beautiful, natural glow. It’s not cakey, as some foundations can be. A little can go a long way. What’s more, minerals absorb excess oil, helping to prevent a typical summertime shine.

Buy the best
Not all mineral makeup is created equal. Some formulations contain undesirable additives that may upset sensitive skin. To ensure you get high quality, pure mineral makeup, check the ingredient list to confirm that it’s free of alcohol, dyes, fragrances, perfumes and chemical preservatives, such as parabens.

Look for makeup labelled non-comedongenic, which means it doesn’t block pores or cause breakouts, and with key minerals, such as zinc oxide (it reduces inflammation), titanium dioxide (it’s a sunblock) and mica (it provides pigment).

Mineral Makeover
It’s quick and easy to get a beautiful summertime look with minerals. First, cleanse your face, apply moisturizer with SPF and put on a foundation primer, such as mark. Primed For Perfection Face Primer; Then use the following products and tips to create a fresh glow.
Foundation: There are liquid, loose powder and pressed powder foundations to choose from. (Whichever type you use, ensure it matches your skin type.)
If you have dry skin, use a liquid one, such as Smooth Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF12. Apply it with a foundation brush or sponge.
For normal to oily skin, go for a loose powder foundation, such as Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation.
Select a pressed powder foundation for oily skin, such as Smooth Minerals Pressed Foundation.
Use a kabuki brush to apply both types of powder foundations.
Starting at your T-zone and blending outwards, apply the foundation using large, circular motions while gently pressing into your skin. 
Use the foundation to cover up imperfections. If you have blemishes or uneven skin tone, put a little more in those areas (with a finer tipped brush)– it will act as your concealer.

Eyeshadow:  Choose a loose mineral eyeshadow in a soft neutral colour or a bronze or choose from one of 10 shades of the Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow. Dip an eyeshadow brush into the product, tapping off any excess, then apply it to your eyelid, stopping at the crease. Be sure to hold a tissue under your eye to catch falling shadow.                      
Mascara:  Choose Smooth Minerals Mascara.  Lashes look naturally lush and flattery full.  Formulated with nurturing botanical extract blend.  Lashes feel featherlight, flexible, conditioned and silky soft. Clump proof and suitable for sensitive eyes.

Blush or Bronzer:  Pick a mineral blush suitable for your skin tone. Cool and neutral pinks are good for paler skin tones, fuchsia or medium rose blushes work for medium and olive complexions, and bright oranges and hot fuchsias are great for dark skin tones. Use a blush brush to put on blush. Dip the brush into the product and gently tap off any excess. To apply, start on the apples of your cheeks and sweep up along your cheekbones.
If you prefer the sun-kissed look, use a mineral bronzer instead of blush. Dip a large powder brush into the bronzer, tap off the excess, then lightly apply it to the places the sun naturally hits your face – your T-zone and cheeks.

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