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Revival Tips For Chapped Lips
Winters' dry and cold air wants something your lips have: water. And so it steals it, regularly robbing your lips of moisture until they chap, split or become inflamed. Ouch!

There's no reason why you have to suffer with sore, dry lips all season. You can easily restore and retain their beauty and comfort with a couple of protective products, regular exfoliation and by sipping water. Read on for tips for overcoming chapped lips.

Apply lip balm
Nothing rescues chapped lips better than balms! They help rehydrate, moisturize and protect your lips from the environmental elements that bother them. Apply balms frequently throughout the day to help your lips stay smooth and comfortable. Definitely put a balm on your lips before you step outside and then reapply as need throughout the day-whenever your lips are feeling a little bit tight or chapped.

It is, of course, important to dab on the right type of lip balm. Choose ones that come in a twist-up for a quick and easy application. Your balm should also be fortified with sun protection factor (SPF). While it's often overcast in winter, the sun's rays do get through the clouds and reflect off the snow and ice and onto your face. SPF is a must, because the sun causes distress on the skin and the lips in the winter. Try Moisture Therapy Intensive Moisturizing Lip Treatment with SPF 15.

TIP: If your lips are inflamed, sore and severely cracked, they probably need a more heavy-duty product to help them heal. Try Moisture Therapy Intensive Lip Ointment with SPF 15. Use them in place of regular balms until your lips are split-free.

Wear lipstick or gloss
Lip colour does a lot more than make your pout look pretty. Lipsticks and glosses act as a barrier, shielding your lips from the harsh, drying weather. While any type will suffice, those that are creamy and contain moisturizers are, generally, the most soothing and comfortable to wear in winter. Try Healthy Makeup Lip Cream SPF 15 or Lipstick SPF 15.

Applying lip product, however, doesn't mean giving up on balms. Use them together for ultimate lip protection. The duo makes it very hard for moisture to leave your lips, so they're less likely to crack or chap. When you go outside, you layer your clothes and you want to do the same thing with your lip products. Put on your lipstick, then reapply your favourite lip balm as needed.

TIP: If you prefer not to wear lipstick but want a bit of colour, try Slick Tint for Lips.  Choose from Glossy Rose, Glossy Opal or Glossy Wine.

Exfoliate dry skin
It can be tempting to pick off bits of dry skin with your fingers or teeth, but refrain. When you pull away at the skin, you're damaging the skin cells and you're spreading bacteria. Instead, gently exfoliate-up to three times a week-to make your lips flake-free.

To remove dry skin, use a mixture of honey and sugar. Rub it over your lips using gentle, circular motions, then let it sit and penetrate for a couple of minutes. Both ingredients are humectants, so they help seal water into your lips. Wash off the exfoliant with warm water, then immediately apply your balm.

TIP: If your lips are inflamed and splitting, don't exfoliate-doing so will make them worse. Wait until the open wounds heal (remember to use the aforementioned healing balms!) before you remove dry skin.

Drink Water
Your chapped lips are aching for hydration!  To quench their thirst and restore their suppleness, coat them with balm and consume water.  You're rehydrating from the inside out.  When your body's short on water, your lips will look drier and be more prone to crack.

Aim to consume the standard eight glasses of water a day. However, you'll need extra H2O if you drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee. These dehydrate you from the inside out. When your body's short on water, your lips will look drier and be more prone to crack.

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