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Happy Holidays
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Building my Avon Team


I’m so excited about the enhancements to Avon's leadership program that I wanted to share the excitement with you ! 

In addition to BIGGER Bonuses and longer time periods to meet milestones, by early Spring, there will be a 42% increase on commission earned on team sales!!

Who do you know who..............

• Needs more money?
• Would like to get their AVON at a discount?
• Is a stay-at-home Mom?
• Works with lots of people?
• Works for the government?
• Works in an office?
• Works in a hospital?
• Can't afford to order but loves Avon products?
• Is retired with time on their hands?
• Goes to college or university?

With the holidays approaching you’ll be making plans to get together with family and friends – think about these people and who they know –
All of these people could benefit by joining our AVON Team.

You could benefit by referring these people to me!

Receive a free gift for every qualified referral (someone who actually meets with me to find out about AVON). 

Now, think about this...if you ever thought about joining Avon now is the time to do it!

Do you know 4 people who fit the above criteria and may want to join you in your Avon business? 

If we sign 4 active people onto your team, you’ll be a Unit leader! As a Unit Leader you get great bonuses and commissions on your Team Sales!! 

Leadership Bonus Structure:
First person:
$25.00 bonus payment

$100.00 Celebration bundle from Avon
Draw ticket for District Manager draw

Second person:
Another $25.00 bonus payment
Draw ticket for District Manager draw

Third person:
Another $25.00 bonus payment
Draw ticket for District Manager draw

Fourth person:
Another $25.00 bonus payment
A $200.00 team bonus payment 

Receive COMMISSION on your team’s sales !!!!
Draw ticket for District Manager draw

There is no cap on the $25.00 bonus payments for each new recruit, and with continued growth there are bigger bonuses and better commissions!!

You choose…bring in a few new representatives and get some quick cash in your pocket or….. continue to build and have continued income and security through your team sales!

Adding the Leadership component is the best financial choice for you in your business today!

Contact me now for more information. ~ Stacey


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Sunday December 19, 2010


Look your best at all your holiday parties...

Reduce Dark Circles, Wrinkles and Puffiness


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Gift Ideas

Thumb revealing gloves for fumble-free texting
(see Mark catalog pages 24-25)

Thumb revealing gloves for fumble-free texting

  Bubble Bath Ornaments

a great gift for...

baby-sitters * teachers * the boss * hostess gifts * stocking stuffers 
Set of 3 for $10 (tax incl.)




Visit AVON RepCAFÉ for beauty tips.

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